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Was born in Livorno (Italy) in 1943. He has been living and working in Malindi, Kenya, for many years. At a very young age he regularly went to the studio of a Livorno painter and friend of the Modigliani, and then studied at the Liceo Artistico in Florence, the Academica delle Belle Arti in Rome, and the École des Beaux Arts in Paris.

He has been awarded many prizes, including the Premio Viareggio, the Premio Fattori, and the Premio Piombino. After being involved in the student movement in Paris in 1986, he married the daughter of an American army colonel and lived in Arlington. After his divorce, he spent a short while in Rome, and then moved to Africa where he discovered tribal art.

Armando Tanzini

In Kenya he abandoned painting and mainly devoted himself to architecture and sculpture. He has designed and built several public and private buildings and created the Nairobi Safari Park. He also travels and stays in Santa Monica, California, and in India. He was awarded the UNESCO prize for his Do Not Forget Africa Foundation.

His first solo exhibition was in Rome in 1962.  Recently, he has exhibited at the Classicità e Primitivismo exhibition at the Museo di Sant’Apollonia, Venice 2002,  and the following year at the Kenya Pavilion during the 50th “Biennale di Venezia”.

White Elephant Art Lodge is a Center of Creativity, as Armando Tanzini thinking, where nature is a source of inspiration for visitor, resort guests, is a magical place full of his art works

Art Gallery that houses his monumental sculptures and also some art works by local and international artists

Particular attention is given to the children of schools who are host for some days in the Lodge to learn art and  techniques of painting.


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